3 Reasons a Professional Should Clean Your Tile and Grout

Did you know self-cleaning your tile floors regularly with water and detergent can actually affect how grout lines look because they absorb those substances? Over time, this can lead to discoloration. Tiles may also start accumulating dirt, becoming duller and reducing the overall appeal of your tile floor.

If you’re not sure whether or not hiring a professional tile and grout cleaning service is worth it, here are several reasons to do so.

Grout Collects Bacteria and Germs

One of the reasons that grout develops a dirty appearance even while the surrounding tiles stay shiny and clean is because grout is especially porous. That means it’s especially easy for dirt, bacteria, and germs to get trapped inside. Most homeowners know that professional tile and grout cleaning is a great way to keep their surfaces looking great, but some don’t realize that these services also help to keep their home clean and safe. 

Periodic Cleaning Means Tiles Last Longer

If you always choose to go the DIY route when cleaning your tile floor, you’ll find yourself dealing with several tiles loosening thanks to a buildup of waste below them. This would call for immediate repair. When you hire the professional team at Julington Creek Carpet Care, you can rest assured this will prevent buildup and thereby lessen the possibility of tiles coming loose.

Expert Protective Sealant Prevents Dirt And Bacteria

Another way that we save you money and protect your tile and grout is by applying a tile and grout sealant. A sealant is a protective layer that helps to prevent spills and dirt from seeping into the tile and grout. This helps keep your tile from getting dirty, saving you money in future cleaning, and extending the life of your tile.

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