Does dirty tile and grout affect your health?

Most of us know that our carpets need to be cleaned and treated at least once a year. But what about your tile and grout floors?

If it’s more than a year since your last professional tile and grout cleaning, your tile seems dull or dingy, or you’re starting to notice those dirty grout lines, it may be time to contact Julington Creek Carpet Care for a cleaning!

When we postpone cleaning the tile and grout surfaces, bacteria and germs build up. This leads to health concerns and illnesses that can affect your entire family. Now, we could run down the list of every possible allergen, microbe, or germ waiting for you on your dirty tile and grout. However, we’d say traces of E. Coli, Salmonella, and even Staph are enough to make us go ick! And yes, harmful bacteria like this can all build up on your tile flooring. This is what makes a professional cleaning so important!

Mold not only affects the appearance of your flooring but can deter you from good health. This holds especially true for bathrooms with tile and grout. When you turn on the shower and turn up the heat, you create a warm and humid environment for mold to grow on. If left untreated, tile will eventually become a breeding ground for mold and other bacteria.

Take a look at the lines in between your tile. Are they clean or do they show noticeable signs of discoloration? Dirty grout lines are the accumulation of dirt, dust, and debris over time. It’s simply brought in by foot traffic but darkens the appearance of your grout. Spills and stains can also add to the overall uncleanliness of your tile if left untreated.

If you’re curious about our cleaning process or are ready to make an appointment, contact Julington Creek Carpet Care for a FREE ESTIMATE 904-230-0678. 

All of our cleaning services feature family and pet safe cleaning solutions!

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