Home Treating Pet Stains

When you have pets in your home, it’s always best to be prepared for accidents. Act quickly, and the clean-up job should be pretty straightforward. It’s also essential to get rid of the odor entirely to prevent your pet from returning to the spot. 

  • ✓Do not go online for ideas.
  • ✓Do not use hot water. Really room temperature is fine.
  • ✓Do not use vinegar, it’s acidic and so is urine.
  • ✓DO use bottled water only.
  • ✓For urine, blot up excess. Slowly pour on water, equal amount as urine, put a towel on it and step on it to absorb liquids back out. Do this a few times. The last time, pour on the water, fold up a towel, lay it on spot and put something heavy on top and leave overnight. This compresses the pad and the remaining water is drawn up into the towel.
  • ✓With solids, remove as much as possible. Then use the bottled water method until there is no color transfer.
  • ✓Try to avoid soap and store bought products. These will leave residue and often can set a stain permanently.


If you’ve spotted a stain that has had time to set in, the cleaning job becomes a little more complex. Contact Julington Creek Carpet Care for a FREE ESTIMATE 904-230-0678. 

All of our cleaning services feature family and pet safe cleaning solutions along with reverse osmosis water that leaves no residue behind. You can rest assured that you’re getting the cleanest and healthiest carpet cleaning possible with Julington Creek Carpet Care. During our rinsing and extraction process, old cleaning residues, as well as dirt, allergens, and other pollutants are removed from your carpet or other textiles.

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